Saturday, April 19, 2008

I experienced my first and last earthquake!

I did a talk at University of Missouri and at 4:39am on Friday (April 18). I woke up to my bed shaking and all the doors in my room shaking. I was in a bed and breakfast that was an old house so things were creaky anyway so I tried to convince myself that someone was walking really hard in the hallway. Then I realized that my bed was really shaking and I KNEW in my heart that it was an earthquake. I decided to let it go but couldn’t get back to sleep. I tried to convince myself that it couldn’t have been an earthquake but I knew it was. I was relieved when at breakfast someone asked “Did you feel the earthquake?”…..I knew I wasn’t crazy! Thankfully I had a flight out of there soon after so I was hoping not to experience any aftershocks.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Andei!

For those of you that remember my good friend Andei, she is doing well at Ohio State University teaching African-American Literature (I think?). Anyways, she had a conference in Charleston,SC on her 30th birthday so I drove down to hang with her for the weekend. We had a great time shopping and touring and eating at a fancy spancy restaurant. We took one of the bike taxi’s late Saturday night and it was a really relaxing weekend. I had fun not changing diapers and sleeping in…..thanks to the Leggett’s. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Leggett and Myron and Ciara!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Amanda’s Advice to the World: Sharing is soooooooo overated!!!

The first clip is of the peaceful Amanda eating her baby food alone (key word is alone):

In the second clip, I pureed Amanda some lentils and sweet potatoes and she LUVED them. However, when Daddy decided to share with her sister she was not thrilled at all.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Amira's Addendums

Well our routine is to pray with Amira, tuck her in, turn off her lamp and then put her gate up at her door. Just about every night it’s something she will think of to prolong you leaving. For example, sometimes after you tuck her in she will fuss about how much cover she has…..some nights she wants just the sheet and other nights she doesn’t want any cover…..”I don like it mommy/daddy…….no cuvuhs pleez” Sometimes after you turn the lamp off she wants the lamp on or when you leave it on she wants it off…..”Light on pleez mommy/daddy” Sometimes right when you get the gate up and you think you are all free to leave you hear……”Potty pleez mommy/daddy…….my need to poo poo” Other times when you have made it down the hallway and you breathe a sigh of relief……you hear…….”My sheep…….my need my sheep mommy/daddy”

Well I decided to take the time to record the sheep episode tonight just for fun and so Jenn’s mom could hear how special these sheep are in the Leggett household. We spend a good amount of time each week looking for those sheep when they are misplaced so maybe she’ll be able to bring some more from Canada so we can hide them in places around the house for emergencies.

Tonight I was lucky because the sheep was right in the bed with her and she just couldn’t see it:-)

There is no picture since it was dark in her room but there is sound.

Here is a picture from last November...this was a GREAT night because we actually found both sheep. You have to click on the picture to get a good view of the sheep.

Please don't kick my baby out of day care!

Well well well.....Miss. Amanda got wrote up at school today:-) Ms. Nicole wrote a note about her desire demand for attention. In other words my little lady is SPOIL!!! Yes I said it....she is SPOIL!!! It's all our fault I can admit. When we get home Jacquelle holds her while I fix something to eat. Then we eat and since we have been too busy to go buy another high chair he holds her while he feeds her and while he eats. Then one of us gets Amira ready for bed and the other one holds Amanda. Then I nurse her and if she goes to sleep I put her in her crib but if she doesn't I pass her to daddy and he holds her while he watches ESPN. Do you see a theme going here? This little lady gets held WAY too much!!! I wish I could call Ms. Nicole tonight and start discussing the techniques she's been trying at day care so we can start them tomorrow morning since I usually hold her while I get Amira ready and/or while I fix Amira's breakfast.

When Amira was at her last day care there was a 6mo old little boy that got kicked out of daycare since his mama held him too much and he cried all day. Even though this was a home care and Ms. Nicole has a home care there are still 4 other children to care for. So when I drop them off tomorrow I will have to ask Ms. Nicole.......please don't kick my baby out of day care!

This was taken about 30 minutes ago.....This was after we gave them a bath, I nursed Amanda and then while I read Amira some books Amanda got held by her daddy while he did some work on his laptop. And then she fell asleep in his lap while she was being held and he laid her in the crib. Looks like the Leggett household will have to change up the routine of HOLDING AMANDA!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is it a sign?................Well I guess it was!

"Salama (my baby sister) asked.....sometimes when I make a call and look at my phone it's at 9:13.....sometimes when I get a text and look at my phone it's at 9:13........sometimes when I get a voicemail it says I received it at you think that's a sign?"

This is what Jacquelle and I got asked over Christmas break before she put in her application for Delta Sigma Theta sorority.....after we figured out what she meant and burst into laughter and her face was still serious I realized WOW.....she is sooooooooooo serious and she wanted to be a Delta soooooooooooooooo bad. Well I guess it was a sign.....................

NOTE: Delta Sigma Theta was founded in 1913 so she was hoping this was a sign that she would make the Delta line at Skegee:-)


I know you can't see anything but I had to post these videos for my Delta friends.

They were so tired and sweaty doing all that stepping in those heels!

You have to listen closely to hear her introduce herself!

Finally DONE!!! What a long night for us all (we waited about 2hrs for this probate would have thought the President was coming to Tuskegee with all the people out there in the middle of the night). I must LUV my baby sister!

Another video (or actually just sound) for my Delta friends:-)

Salama (#4 Disturbia)