Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

Amira hunting for Easter eggs at Grandma Leggett's
Amanda not wanting to take a picture!

Amanda wasn't feeling well (had a fever all day) but you surely can't tell by these pictures in the car.

The Amanda Centipede Dance!

She might not be crawling but she's dancin!

Amanda's 1st REAL sugar cookie!

Grandpa gave Amanda an oatmeal cookie this weekend when we were home for Easter (without my permission might I add). She really enjoyed it.

Amira making birthday cards

Amira making birthday cards for some special people....I hope you have received them by now! She really enjoyed making them.

At the park feeding the ducks

Monday, March 24, 2008


Me and Amanda after a long day of holding her and doing nothing much else (this was when she had one of her many ear infections!)

Amira with AFRO!

Here are some pictures of Amira after I took her braids down with her Afro!! For those that haven't met him.....that's our dog Rusty.
View this slideshow created at One True Media
Amira's 2nd Birthday Party!

Click on the picture to get to the slideshow from Amira's 2nd birthday party at Marbles Musuem. It's kinda long since I put in most of the pictures Jacquelle took.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Potty Potty and mo Potty!

Well Amira is getting potty trained and doing exceptionally well. We started last week and she only had about 2 accidents this whole week. She wears a pamper during nap time and overnight but other than that she is doing great. However, mommy and daddy aren't doing so well......she wants to potty ALL THE TIME!! And she actually does something just about each time so you feel bad not letting her go although it is often just a lil squirt of pee pee!

I had to travel to Seattle for work this week so daddy was holding it down although he didn't answer the 2 and 3am potty calls I'll give him a B+:)

It is so weird to see her wearing panties....I look and think....where did my baby go.....she's growing up so quick.......thank God I have another baby:)

P.S. I really mean to post some pictures but the laptop with all the pictures is acting up so I have to wait until Jacquelle can fix it but I assure you that I have some pictures coming soon.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finally joining everyone in cyberspace!

I always felt like I was in the loop with technology but once I joined facebook I realized I was waaaaaaaaaaaay behind. I just thought I'd sign up for fun but then I saw that everyone and their mama was on there so I felt left out.....so I joined myspace too (although I like facebook better). Then I took it a step further and joined my alumni network too. The fun thing is that I have reconnected with people I hadn't heard from in awhile....the hard thing is that this stuff can be overwhelming.....I joined all three of these networks within a few weeks. I still don't understand why you would send someone a drink or a snack on facebook?!?!? What's that all about? Somebody needs to inform me of how all this stuff works?

Well Amanda has her 5th ear infection (no that's not a typo). She has had a fever this time but I am believing it will be gone really soon. She has been so pitiful and so have I. I feel like I have missed so much time from work this last month since we are all just recently recovering from the flu. Well since she wants to be held ALL the time I decided I would multitask and hold the sleeping baby and update my blog. I feel like I am held hostage by a 7 month old as my husband said the other day. At least I'll have some time to upload some pictures and email them out. I guess I have to go and post the pictures on all 15 of my new websites:)