Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New post....but old post...?

I had some old posts that I’d saved but never posted dated back to April so I posted those and some other old ones with some old videos and pictures. Be SURE to go down to the clip from April 8th about Amanda is hilarious. However, here are some fairly up to date pictures of the girls in the slideshow. They are from here at home, Father's Day at Grandpa Leggett's house, and when we were in Memphis for Rico's graduation.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Yet another graduate!

Jacquelle's younger brother Myron graduated this year too so we have two graduates in our family. Myron will attend NC A&T on a scholarship as well. Myron was very excited to be DONE with school I must say. The Leggett's did a cookout for him but I didn't get any pictures there.However, here are some from the raduation. Myron is working not one but two jobs this summer to support his fashionable wardrobe and shoe collection:) You betta go Myron!

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Amanda's a Christian now...

One of Jacquelle's cousins asked me a couple months ago...."When are you going to make Amanda a Christian?"....which translates to when is her dedication ceremony at church. Well Amanda became a Christian on June 1, 2008....she will give her life to Christ at her own will in the future but we dedicated her to the Lord on this day in front of her grandparents, both aunts, uncle, great aunt and uncle, and great-granddaddy. We did a dinner at the house but unfortunately I was too busy to take any pictures. Here are some pictures from before and after church: