Saturday, September 27, 2008

My rebirth as a runner!

I joined a Women’s Beginner running group towards the end of the summer so I could get back in the groove of running and so I could finally learn to run long distances with my two little ladies in the jogging stroller. It is definitely an adjustment pushing weight and not being able to use your arms when running. Overall it was a great experience and I hope to keep it going so we can participate in many runs together.

This is at one of our weekly Saturday group run.

This is at the finale 5K run we all participated in together. I ran it in about 30 minutes which I thought was pretty good. I hope to do even better at my next run and I'm looking for running partners so let me know if you want to join me.

NOTE: I would DEFINITELY recommend this running program for anyone interested. It is set up for women who have never run or those who haven't run in awhile. We started out running and walking at different distances and intervals and built up to running 3 miles.

Welcome Monika to Raleigh!

I don’t have any pictures for this post but my baby cousin Monika moved up here from New Jersey. I wish I had taken a picture of her driving that 10ft budget pulling her car behind it. She drove all night by herself from New Jersey.....she is definitely a tough sistah. She is finishing her thesis for her Masters at Seton Hall and working a security position til 10pm each night so we don’t get to hang out much now since she's pretty busy with both her jobs. She’s staying right next door in the rental property so Amira and Amanda like to go over and knock on her door and bug her. It’s so nice to have some family up here in NC.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome Annie to the family!

Here is our new puppy Annie. We got her from a local rescue agency in late August and she has been a handful so hopefully she will remain a part of the family. She has a jumping and nipping/biting problem which is really hard to deal with when you are trying to get to the car for work. If Jacquelle had his way she might already be gone.

I called a dog trainer and they told me to start squirting her with a water bottle to correct her but that only worked for awhile. She also seems to have an incontinence problem because she gets really excited and pees at our feet when we first come out in the morning and when we first get home. Any suggestions would help since I’d love to keep her around!

She's an 8 month old black lab mix.

Rusty still is and always will be my first dog luv:) We have had him for 2 yrs and he was a rescue as well. He's almost 3 years old.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy 50th Anniversary Tarts!

Aunt Glenda and Uncle Kent had a great vow renewal ceremony and Amira was able to be a part of the ceremony with her cousin Yassmin. Here are some pictures from the ceremony:

Amira, Cameron and Yassmin
Aunt Glenda and the girls

Amanda wasn't as excited as everybody else:)
Mr. and Mrs. Leggett (my in-laws)