Monday, November 30, 2009

Today's Photo Shoot and Videotaping for Blog:)

Here are some pictures from today. Everytime I update the blog I try to take some pictures that day for "most recent". I had just taken their hair down so they both have big AFROS!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Amanda's 2nd Birthday with family and friends (from July:)

Thanks Grandma for the Elmo blanket!

I don't know if the children or the adults had more fun at the birthday party! It was a "jumpin" good time! Maybe I'll have my birthday party there next year!

Once again, Grandpa was the biggest kid and the life of the party! He will surely be on the invite list for all our parties:)
My Amanda is really growing up!

Morning of Amanda's Birthday! (from July:)

Amira and I decorated the kitchen for the morning of Amanda's "official" birthday. We had strawberry cupcakes and milk for breakfast!

Here are some videos from the big surprise.....she literally walked from her bed waking up into her breakfast birthday party. I don't know who was more excited....Amira or Amanda.

Amanda's Birthday Party at Daycare (from July:)

Amanda's Birthday Sunday (from July:)

All Birthday Pictures! (from July)

As you know I absolutely LOVE birthdays (mine, yours, a complete stranger’s, etc.). Anyways, we celebrated Amanda’s birthday 3 times (party with family and friends, party the morning of her birthday, and party at daycare). Here is a slideshow with all the pictures from that week/weekend of parties!

My lil lady is officially 2 years old (well almost 2.5 at the time of this post:)

Click HERE for the slideshow.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Amanda woke up with an unwanted surprise!

Amanda and Amira have been sharing a room for months now. However, they have never successfully pulled off sleeping in the bed together since we always catch them and make them get back in their own bed…..however, over the Thanksgiving holiday Jacquelle and I were really relaxed with them and they got to stay up and “read books” until they fell asleep. I guess they “read” so much they fell asleep in the same bed:)

The most exciting event was when they woke up and Amanda declared…… “Amira pee-peed on me Mommy!” I wish I had video of that… was hilarious. She was in shock and may not sleep with her sister again anytime soon. You’d think she’d know that Amira has a 1 in 3 chance of peeing in the bed these days since I wash sheets at least 3-4 times a week.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner preparation

Here is the very first turkey (well just a breast) I've ever made!!! I was so doggone excited about this turkey I may have checked on it 18 times. Since I'm a vegetarian, I'm always concerned about over or undercooking this case I heard all these horror stories about drying out turkey. I don't think Jacquelle had much faith in me either.

However............the turkey came out juicy and well-seasoned as ever from my cocktail marinade it sat in the night before. I was so proud I even made a video for proof so my father in law can see the results of my work......I don't think he had much faith in me either:)