Monday, October 27, 2008

Who likes to eat, who likes to play......Amanda versus Amira?!?!

This video proves who likes to eat and who likes to play in our house!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pictures and video from last night

My Amanda is turning into a big girl

Amira really likes taking pictures....can u tell?!?!

Amira singing Jesus loves me

Amira luvs being taped!

Amira has memorized books that we read a lot so we try to get Amanda to let her big sister read to her sometimes.....she ain't havin it!

Animal sounds by Amanda

All about that FORCED luv!

Amira comes up with all kinds of ways to stay up as long as she can!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Girlz nite slumber party!

Jacquelle went on his annual Men’s Retreat so Amira slept in the bed with me and Amanda woke up too early so I put her in our bed too. I really enjoy sleeping as a family…..too bad Jacquelle doesn’t or we would have a slumber party in bed at least once a month. Here are some pics of my sleeping beauties. I had just taken Amira’s braids down the night before so excuse the afro!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Da butt?!?!

Jacquelle and I go back and forth about how big Amanda’s butt really is. He tries to convince himself that it’s her diapers but I know her butt is big because I carried that big butt inside of me:) Here are some pics to prove my point:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My 31st Birthday


My 31st birthday started out poppin’ in more ways than one. Most people know I’m a fairly simple person so all I really wanted was a popcorn popper and that’s what I got. Amira presented me with the gift that she and Jacquelle wrapped the night before and she was bursting with excitement. Since we had taken the day off from work we had a popcorn party for breakfast.

Tried to get a cute picture for my birthday before they went to school but they wouldn’t cooperate with each other.

I was trying to get Amira and Amanda on tape "Praisin da Lord" but this was a much much milder version of their shoutin dance. I'll try to get a better one of them at a later date.

I had a small cake so there was only room for the number 3!

Amira who's birthday is it?

Our article in the newspaper

In case you didn’t know, Jacquelle loves car shopping. Whether it be for us or some stranger on the street that mentions they are in the market for a car. We both took off work for my birthday and guess what we did for MY birthday…..went car shopping. No we don’t need a car but since they say it’s a buyer's market we just decided to see if we could get the deal we wanted and walk away with a 2009 Camry. They didn't agree to our deal so we didn't get a new car but we randomly ended up getting interviewed and in the newspaper.

Here is the article:

Here is the picture:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Surprise Birthday Party for Mrs. Leggett

We decided to surprise Mrs. Leggett for her birthday (which happens to be on the same day as mine…..I told Jacquelle we were meant:). Ciara (Jacquelle’s lil sis) and I invited lots of family members and friends at the last minute to come out to Outback and celebrate. She was extremely surprised…..she was even more surprised when her baby boy Myron showed up from Greensboro.Amanda acted like she didn't know Uncle Kent

Amira "helped" eat all of Cameron's fries off his plate and didn't touch her food. He's such a nice cousin to her!

Cousin Laila was rocking her afro-puffs!

Myron and Ciara