Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kejuan’s Send Off Party to Piney Woods School (my alma mater)

My 3rd oldest nephew is now attending Piney Woods School (one of the few remaining historically African-American boarding schools in the United States). We gave him a send off party so here are some pictures from that. I tried to label my nieces and nephews based on their birth order. People who haven't seen them in awhile will be shocked at how much they all have grown.

Amira being clingy to Kejuan before the party (she rotated which cousin to cling to throughout the day)

My nephew Dacari (6th oldest), Amira and Cousin Phillip

Kejuan with Devonte (2nd oldest) and Cousin Eric in the background

My sister Salama and her friend Angela (she may as well be part of the family)

Brianna (5th oldest) and my brother-in-law Byron

Brianna and Kaylah (7th oldest) strike a pose

Kejaun in the kicthen aggravating the cooks (mama and Salama)

Here are Keairr and Kejuan clowning around before everybody got there....they were imitating some of my mama's African music....hilarious!

Here is their jingle....Kaylah gave a shout out to everybody leaving home for school and made EVERY single person at the party dance with her. I just posted a few of them below.

Here is Rico "twirling" Kaylah for his dance performance

Here is Sandra taking it back ole school for her dance performance

Mama's performance was BY FAR the BEST of all. She had us crying laughing.

We had such a good time sending Kejuan off to school.