Monday, June 15, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Family Beach Vacation Trip (from last April:)

Here are some pictures from our 1st "Family vacation". We visited the aquarium, walked along the docks, and walked on the beach in our rain boots (it was too cold for bare feet).

Here is Amira on the balcony of the hotel room:
Amira and Amanda in the hotel lobby:
Enjoying the water rushing around her boots:

My girlz:

Sitting/Climbing on the big frog at the Aquarium:

The big A-DA-GATAH (Amanda's pronunciation of alligator....although this may have been a crocodile....I don't remember?)!

Here are some videos....we were pretty excited about the waves:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Amira's Dance Recital

Miss. Amira had her dance recital and she was soooooo excited about it. Her dance lasted every bit of 2 minutes but the preparation took much longer. I was absolutely fascinated at all the fuss in that dressing room over hair and make-up for some 3 and 4 year old little girls.

My biggest task for the day was................getting all that hair on her head in a BUN!! I didn't realize she had so much hair until I tried to put it in one spot and make it stay.....thank God for Let's Jam, lots and lots of hair pins, and a knocky ball:)

Although most moms did foundation and mascara and lipstick and blush, I couldn't bring myself to do it.....I don't even wear all that stuff and she's ONLY 3 years old. I decided on some eye shadow and lip gloss and I think she looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL (but I'm a lil biased:) You have to click on the picture below to get the full effect of her beauty!

Here's my lil Super Star after coming off stage:

They were so tired from skipping their naps so we let them sleep in the car for awhile. Amira put every single sticker she had in her treat bag on one arm so she looks like she has tattoos. Amanda was probably sleep before we got out of the parking lot to head home.

Here are some older videos from some of her classes earlier this year.
The first is one of their "drills" during class and the second is one of the first times they practiced their recital dance. The way they perform it in this video is about how they performed it at the was pretty funny to watch.